Analog Sunshine Recorders Darkroom + Flux Hawaiʻi
Art Show

Produced while working at NMG Network

Local film collective Analog Sunshine Recorders was established in 2010, when film labs and darkrooms were being shuttered left and right. 

For Flux Hawaiʻi’s Nights issue, ASR, Trades AiR and Single Double teamed up to create a pop-up darkroom in the heart of Chinatown. From their collective community, ASR reached out to over 40 photographers to shoot a roll of film for the show. The catch: Each roll will be shot twice, creating a double exposure with a mystery pairing of photographers.

On opening night of Doubles, friends of the community joined at the Single Double space to enjoy the newly printed images and try to guess the pairings of each photo. 

Images taken by Chris Rohrer, Bobby Asato and myself.
Image and flyer courtesy of NMG Network.

May 2019

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