Produced while working at NMG Network

Lei with collectives BUBBLE_T and PAPI JUICE hosted FLOAT Pool Party at The Surfjack Hotel on Saturday, January 5th 2019.

For their first time in Hawaiʻi, Bubble_T and Papi Juice brought NYC to the island and kicked off the new year in the best way! Donations were collected at the door with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. The party came to life with live sets by local DJ ShyShonnie, Papi Juice DJ Oscar Nñ and Bubble_T DJ Stevie Huynh. A touch of Confetti System art installed by co-founder Nicholas Andersen shimmered and danced by the pool. Chef and creative director Angela Dimayuga created a signature cocktail called "KIKI GUSH" and Ola Brew provided ice cold beer for our guests. 

The party kept going at Aupuni Space for an after party event titled MAHU MIX with DJs Stevie Huynh, Gnaraly and Shyshonnie

Images taken by Kainoa Reponte and Leimomi Bong.
Flyers by Koji Yamamoto, Mohammed Iman and Nicholas Andersen. Image and flyer courtesy of NMG Network.

January 2019

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