Nike N7 Indigenous People's Day

1st AD

For Nike N7’s campaign launched on indigenous people’s day. A big mahalo to Juice and Haʻa for including me on this special project! 

Learn more about the collection here. 

Client: Nike
Producer: Katie OʻBrien
Art Director: Dawn Yanigihara
Na Brand Defining: Russell James
Sports Marketing: Robert Lotwis
NA Purpose Brand Director: Mitzi Yonezawa
N7 Project Specialist: Trish Chee

Featured: Janee’ Kassanavoid and Pi‘ikea Kekīhenelehuawewehiikekauʻōnohi Lopes

Local Producer: Juice Aguirre
Producer: Chris Charlton of BaM Productions
Production Manager: Angie Revell of BaM Productions
Production Coordinator: Patrick J Nicholas of BaM Productions
1st AD: Aja Toscano

Photographer: Haʻa Keaulana
1st Assistant: Brandyn Liu
Lighting Tech: Joey Trisolini
Director of Photography: Matt Heirakuji
1st AC: Tay Steele
Audio: Prahlad Stickland

Stylist: Neelo Noory
Stylist assistant: Matt Bruening
Tailor: Mariana Echegoyen
HMU: Maile Bingham and Jayel Bordon Saito

Security: Kanaka Solutions
Craft specialist/covid coordinator: Brandon Tahiti

PA’s: Kapena Liu, Desmond Centro, Mason Cary, Will Forni, Jesse Kear
Water safety: Jackson Kyne
Medic: Blaine Fujimoto


September 2022